Opening of LNG filling station
Lederhose (Thüringen)
Alternoil GmbH welcomes Zambon as a new customer
Strengthening the commitment to climate-friendly heavy goods transport

Alternoil GmbH is pleased to announce a new and promising partnership...

Official handover of the license for the REEFUELERY
Press release

From the second quarter of 2024, the emission-free fuel REEFUEL (Bio-LNG & eLNG) will be produced in Germany...

Alternoil supports open letter from the Fuels and Energy trade association
Press release

Alternoil supports the Fuels and Energy trade association's push for a fuel credit in the CO2 regulation.

Start of delivery of REEFUEL Bio-LNG worth 250 million euros
Press release

Alternoil and Biokraft announce start of deliveries of high volumes of waste-derived Bio-LNG worth 250 million euros...

EKB and Alternoil conclude long-term follow-up contract
Press release

EKB and Alternoil conclude long-term follow-up contract for the purchase of REEFUEL® (Bio-LNG & eLNG) ...


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