LNG workshop & breakdown service (microfueling)

We make mobile filling and de-fueling possible

With our LNG Microfueller, our trained personnel can fuel and de-fuel LNG vehicles. The Microfueller is ideal for first-time fueling, emergency refueling or for emptying the tank before upcoming workshop visits. Thanks to the sophisticated system, the Microfueller is flexible in terms of its use and allows us to deliver the same quality on the road as we do at our tank facilities.

The Microfueller is a portable tank unit that can hold up to 333 kg of LNG. This unit is equipped with control instruments and an evaporator so that the pressure can be increased if necessary.

The temperature can also be controlled, so that the same quality as at our LNG filling stations can be delivered everywhere.

Ideal for emergency and first-time fueling,

as well as for unloading before upcoming repairs

With our Microfueller, we offer you the ability fuel your LNG HGV for the first time at your chosen location. This solution is particularly useful if, after purchase, there is no possibility of driving or transporting the truck to a LNG filling station. During the first fueling operation, drivers can also receive an initial briefing on the fueling process of a LNG-powered vehicle.

The mobile tank unit also offers the option to carry out emergency refueling. For example, in the unlikely event that your vehicle's tank runs empty and there is no LNG fueling facility in the vicinity, our trained team can help with the Microfueller.

If repairs are carried out on your vehicle tank and this is unexpectedly full, the Microfueller can be used to empty the tank. It is also possible to fill the empty tank with the help of the Microfueller after a visit to the workshop.

Would you like to take advantage of our microfueling service or would you like to learn more? Please contact us.

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