Alternoil GmbH welcomes Zambon as a new customer
Strengthening the commitment to climate-friendly heavy goods transport

From January 1, 2024, Zambon, a renowned transport company based in Bolzano, Italy, will become part of our growing customer portfolio. This long-term REEFUEL framework agreement marks an important milestone on our path to promoting sustainable and climate-friendly heavy goods transport. REEFUEL, the alternative fuel from Alternoil GmbH, allows truck fleets to be operated in a climate-neutral manner.

Zambon - a pioneer in transportation

Zambon, which has been active in the transportation industry for over two decades, has established itself as a pioneer in the sector. With a clear focus on quality, efficiency and environmental sustainability, the Italian company has earned an excellent reputation. The freight forwarder operates a modern fleet of heavy-duty vehicles and has invested in innovative technologies and processes to maximize environmental sustainability.

A promising partnership

The partnership between Alternoil GmbH and Zambon represents a significant step towards a sustainable future for the Italian freight forwarder. By providing REEFUEL®, our climate-friendly fuel alternative for heavy-duty transport, we are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and thus mitigate the negative environmental impact of the transportation sector.

Together for a better future

We are proud to welcome Zambon to our growing list of customers and look forward to a successful collaboration in the years to come. Together we will have a positive impact on the environment and the transportation industry and continue to help steer heavy-duty transport in a more climate-friendly direction.

About Alternoil GmbH:

Alternoil GmbH is one of the leading providers of climate-friendly fuel alternatives for heavy-duty transportation and operates a network of filling stations throughout Germany. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection is reflected in our products and services. We also supply major customers with the diesel alternative REEFUEL®, which has the potential to sustainably defossilize the industry.

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