LNG fueling training & certification

Service and safety

Fueling a LNG HGV is about as fast as the fueling of a diesel vehicle, but the fueling process differs due to the cryogenic temperatures and properties of the liquefied natural gas.

Before the first fueling operation, drivers must receive LNG fueling training, which can be carried out at our premises - directly at the LNG filling station. Our trained personnel will explain to you during the briefing about the correct conduct, tank system and the correct fueling procedure. Drivers gain the necessary knowledge for handling liquefied natural gas as a result.

After successful training, you will receive the fueling certification, which enables you to fuel at all our LNG filling stations in a safe and informed manner.

For more information about the procedure for fueling vehicles that run on liquid natural gas, please watch our fueling video.

LNG refueling training

For Alternoil operated refueling stations

Register now for our free LNG online training and receive important information on safe handling at and with Alternoil LNG filling stations. You will also gain insights into the tank functions and the LNG refuelling process at Alternoil filling stations.

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Safety regulations / refueling instructions

on LNG fueling

Here, Alternoil GmbH provides you with information on the following vehicles:

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LNG fueling instructions

for Alternoil XL and XS stations

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Refueling instructions und vapour recovery

LNG refueling instructions und vapour recovery for IVECO, Scania und VOLVO.

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