EKB and Alternoil conclude long-term follow-up contract
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Bremen, August 2023. EKB Container Logistik, market leader in container transportation in Germany, and Alternoil, filling station operator for alternative fuels, are continuing their cooperation. The companies signed a long-term follow-up contract for the continued supply of the renewable fuel REEFUEL®.

As a pioneer in the transformation process towards a clean transport sector, Alternoil has set itself the goal of making an important contribution to the decarbonization of heavy goods transport. Since the end of 2020, the company has been offering the transport sector the climate-friendly fuel alternative REEFUEL® (Bio-LNG & eLNG) within its own nationwide filling station network. The fuel alternative for the sustainable defossilization of heavy goods transport, which is unique in Europe, is produced from green hydrogen generated by wind energy and biomethane from biological waste processes. The REEFUEL® product represents a milestone in the transformation process in the transport sector, as its use guarantees customers significant CO2 savings compared to the base value of diesel.

EKB Container Logistik relies on the sustainable fuel alternative REEFUEL®, thus leading the way as a pioneer in the industry and sending a clear signal for more climate protection. The company now runs more than 35% of its fleet on this renewable fuel.

"By using REEFUEL®, we have been able to achieve significant emission benefits. We are therefore convinced that by continuing our cooperation with Alternoil GmbH, we can further advance the defossilization of heavy goods transport," says Holger Schulz, Managing Partner of EKB Container Logistik.

Alternoil GmbH is also pleased to continue the successful partnership. "The volume of freight transport is continuously increasing, which is why it is essential to find climate-friendly transport solutions and implement them on a large scale. We are therefore delighted to be taking an important step towards climate-neutral container logistics together with EKB," says Alexander Renz, Managing Partner of Alternoil GmbH.

EKB Container Logistik GmbH & Co. KG

Founded in 1987, EKB Container Logistik GmbH & Co. KG, based in Bremen, is involved in the transportation of overseas containers to/from the German and Benelux ports and all related services at several national and international locations. For several years, the company has been pursuing the strategic objective of reducing the CO2 emissions of its own business model and defossilizing it in the medium term. Part of this endeavor is the consistent conversion of its own fleet to LNG-powered tractor units. www.ekb-containerlogistik.com

Alternoil, an avanca corporation company

The avanca corporation stands for sustainable energy and logistics solutions. Its subsidiary Alternoil is a filling station operator and pioneer in the transformation process for clean heavy goods transport. The medium-sized company makes advanced, environmentally friendly and profitable fuel alternatives available for heavy goods transport and is actively involved in the expansion of a nationwide sustainable filling station network. Since the end of 2020, Alternoil has been offering REEFUEL® fuel (bio-LNG and eLNG) at its filling stations in addition to LNG. The company relies on its existing partner network with numerous fuel card acceptances and its filling station infrastructure. It is currently possible to refuel at over 50 LNG filling stations in the Alternoil network. Alternoil pursues a holistic concept that includes the planning, construction, smooth operation and supply of filling stations for advanced fuels. www.alternoil.de

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