Brand quality at fair prices

As with all our products, we naturally also rely on the highest quality for the fuels we supply.

We exclusively purchase branded fuels. These are optimised by carefully matched fuel components and the addition of high-quality additives in such a way that the minimum requirements are exceeded and the fuel quality meets the ever-increasing demands of modern engine technologies and environmental protection.

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You can choose between:

  • Super
  • SuperPlus
  • Diesel
  • AdBlue
  • LNG
  • and more in the near future!

Fill up with brand quality at low prices!

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How to obtain AdBlue:

  • as the forecourt's own refueling system
  • as top-ups at our filling stations
  • Delivery by tanker truck
  • Delivery by IBCs of 1,000 litres
  • Canisters of 5 or 18 litres

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To meet EU standards

The EURO 4 and EURO 5 emissions standards have been in force since 2006 and 2009 respectively, and the EURO 6 emissions standard since 2014. They require a significant reduction in soot and nitrogen oxide emissions. The EU standards cannot be met by upgrading the engine, as is currently the case. Separate exhaust gas aftertreatment systems are therefore required.

In heavy commercial vehicles, this problem can be solved using innovative SCR technology - in combination with the reducing agent AdBlue. This technology is exclusively installed in new vehicles.

We would like to show you various ways in which you can implement your AdBlue supply with us without any great effort. Whether it be the forecourt's own refueling systems (purchase/rental/financing) or simple refueling at our Alternoil self-service refueling points, we can offer you solutions to meet your needs.

Furthermore, you can conclude long-term contracts with us with a price guarantee to get the best possible AdBlue prices right from the start. We find the best solutions together!

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