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We are a refueling station operator and pioneer in the transformation process for clean heavy-duty transport and clean energy in industry. We are actively working to make alternative and clean fuels available.


With our work, we contribute to reducing harmful emissions. In doing so, we rely on our existing partner network with numerous fuel card acceptances and on our filling station infrastructure.


We pursue a holistic concept that includes the planning, construction, smooth operation, supply of LNG and maintenance of filling stations for renewable fuels and regasification plants.



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LNG filling station
Construction work in Ettenheim

Construction work on our LNG XS filling station has begun in Ettenheim. The earthworks are currently being carried out ...

Now available

With REEFUEL, we offer at our stations the first renewable fuel from biological and household waste in Germany. The fuel, which is ideal for the transport sector, is RED-cert certified and saves CO2 ...

Online LNG refuelling training
Now available

From now on, our customers can receive online LNG training from us. In this training, we want to provide our customers with knowledge about the safe handling of LNG and the Alternoil LNG refuelling stations ...

Emergency refuelling at the rest area in Delmetal North
Alternoil LNG breakdown service

Today our service team performed an LNG emergency refuelling at the Delmetal North rest area. ...

Filling stations

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Refuel independently and without cash. Day and night with a variety of fuel cards at Alternoil service stations.


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REEFUEL - renewable energy for vehicles

The advanced and climate-friendly fuels

We make environmentally friendly and renewable fuels available nationwide for heavy goods vehicles.

Deep-freeze natural gas can already be filled at our petrol stations for renewable fuels.

This year, we will also be providing Bio-LNG fuel from biological waste processes, which is certified according to the European standard ISCC.


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LNG - economical and environmentally friendly

The diesel alternative

Liquefied Natural Gas is a cryogenic and liquefied natural gas with a very high energy density and consists mainly of methane (CH4).Compared to conventional diesel, LNG generates up to 25 per cent less CO2, up to 90 per cent fewer nitrogen oxides and low particulate emissions. LNG thus represents the future of mobility for heavy goods traffic.

LNG is a politically desired solution for sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. Its technology is mature, immediately available and already established and proven in other countries.


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LNG training

We are a member of the German Energy Agency's LNG Task Force

Climate protection and the energy revolution with numerous projects

In 2015, the German Energy Agency founded the LNG Taskforce together with the DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) and Zukunft Erdgas. In addition to the LNG Taskforce, it also moderates and coordinates the Natural Gas Mobility Initiative.


It acts as the central and cross-sector contact for natural gas and renewable methane/biomethane. In order to achieve the climate targets for transport by 2030, and to increase the share of natural gas in the fuel mix to four per cent, the German Energy Agency is supporting the German government in achieving these goals.


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