Alternoil supports open letter from the Fuels and Energy trade association
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Steinfeld, September 28, 2023.  Alternoil supports open letter from the Fuels and Energy trade association

Around 60 companies and associations from the logistics and bus industry as well as the fuel, commercial vehicle and supplier industry have written an open letter to the German government and members of parliament. Together, they are calling for the use of renewable fuels in large trucks to be taken into account in future regulations as a contribution to climate protection. To this end, German politicians at European level must advocate the introduction of a so-called carbon correction factor in the regulation of CO2 emission standards for new registrations of heavy commercial vehicles.

As a pioneer in the provision of environmentally friendly fuel alternatives for heavy goods transport, such as bio-LNG or eLNG, Alternoil GmbH and its sister companies have a lasting impact on the transport industry. We work every day to make alternative and clean fuels available to the industry. Renewable fuels such as biofuels or e-fuels must be recognized by the EU as climate protection solutions for heavy commercial vehicles.

The CO2 regulations for new heavy commercial vehicles are currently being revised in Brussels. The EU Commission's proposal in its current form leads to a de facto ban on vehicles with combustion engines and promotes drive variants that are currently not suitable for use in heavy goods vehicles. Alternative fuels such as bio-LNG, on the other hand, can be used and can play an important role in the sustainability transformation of heavy goods transport. In current political debates, however, they are still equated with climate-damaging fuels such as petrol or diesel.   

The future of propulsion in heavy goods transport must be based on an intelligent renewable energy mix. This means that we need openness to technology instead of restrictions. For this reason, Alternoil GmbH is signing the open letter from the Fuels and Energy trade association and supports the joint initiative for a fuel credit in the CO2 regulation. We are of the opinion that only a technology-neutral approach will achieve a successful steering effect and enable a reduction of the environmental impact in the commercial vehicle sector.

Alternoil, an avanca corporation company

The avanca corporation stands for sustainable energy and logistics solutions. Its subsidiary Alternoil is a filling station operator and pioneer in the transformation process for clean heavy goods transportation. The medium-sized company makes advanced, environmentally friendly and profitable fuel alternatives available for heavy goods transport and is actively involved in the expansion of a nationwide sustainable filling station network. Since the end of 2020, Alternoil has also been offering REEFUEL fuel (bio-LNG and eLNG) at its filling stations in addition to LNG. The company relies on its existing partner network with numerous fuel card acceptances and its filling station infrastructure. It is currently possible to refuel at 50 LNG filling stations in the Alternoil network. Alternoil pursues a holistic concept that includes the planning, construction, smooth operation and supply of filling stations for advanced fuels.

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