Start of delivery of REEFUEL Bio-LNG worth 250 million euros
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Steinfeld, August 24, 2023 - Alternoil and Biokraft announce start of supply of REEFUEL Bio-LNG worth 250 million euros.

Alternoil GmbH, supplier of the renewable fuel REEFUEL (Bio-LNG & eLNG) and the Swedish biogas producer Biokraft International, announce the start of deliveries of the high volumes of waste-derived Bio-LNG worth around 250 million euros announced in 2022. The first delivery from Södertörn, Sweden arrived in Germany yesterday. The delivery is intended to represent another important milestone in the defossilization of heavy goods transport.

Alternoil GmbH has been offering the climate-friendly REEFUEL fuel to heavy goods vehicles within its own nationwide filling station network since the end of 2020. The 100% renewable fuel is produced from green hydrogen generated by wind energy and biomethane from certified biological waste processes. By working with Biokraft, an important strategic partner, Alternoil is expected to significantly increase the availability of REEFUEL and thus meet the growing demand for CO2-neutral fuel for LNG trucks in Germany.

"The cooperation with Alternoil is an important strategic step for us. We are particularly pleased to contribute to the defossilization of heavy-duty transport together. To further this mission, we plan to increase our production capacity by another 2.5 TWh by 2030 and continue our search for sites and projects in Germany and Northern Europe," says Matti Vikkula, CEO of Biokraft International.

The Södertörn liquefaction unit can supply around 220 GWh of bio-LNG per year and is currently the largest single plant liquefier of biomethane in the world with a capacity of 50 tons of bio-LNG per day. Mainly household waste will be used to produce the bio-LNG for Alternoil. By using Stockholm's waste for the production of REEFUEL, Alternoil closes a sustainable cycle and thus contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Alternoil plans to import up to 6,000 tons of bio-LNG annually from Södertörn alone and continue to offer REEFUEL fuel competitively to diesel. With the early start of supply, Alternoil is securing even greater REEFUEL availability with immediate effect in order to meet the growing demand for climate-neutral fuel in heavy goods transport.

"We are delighted to have found a strong partner in Biokraft last year for the supply of such large quantities of bio-LNG. By using our renewable fuel, companies can demonstrably reduce their carbon footprint significantly and have a positive impact on their carbon footprints, which are based on legally required sustainability reporting. This would literally make heavy goods transport fit for 55, the ambitious CO2 reduction target of 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels," explains Benedikt Rolfes, CEO of Alternoil GmbH.

The collaboration between the two companies is intended to further accelerate the defossilization of heavy goods transport in Germany, increase renewable fuel volumes and strengthen long-term business relationships.

By 2030, Alternoil and its partners aim to increase the production volumes of REEFUEL from the current 1 TWh to more than 10 TWh by developing further waste-to-energy projects, thus ensuring the climate-neutral operation of up to 50,000 heavy goods vehicles - with an annual mileage of 100,000 km.

Alternoil, a company of the avanca corporation

The avanca corporation stands for sustainable energy and logistics solutions. Its subsidiary Alternoil is a filling station operator and pioneer in the transformation process for clean heavy goods transportation. The medium-sized company makes advanced, environmentally friendly and profitable fuel alternatives available for heavy goods transport and is actively involved in the expansion of a nationwide sustainable filling station network. Since the end of 2020, Alternoil has also been offering REEFUEL fuel (bio-LNG and eLNG) at its filling stations in addition to LNG. The company relies on its existing partner network with numerous fuel card acceptances and its filling station infrastructure. It is currently possible to refuel at 50 LNG filling stations in the Alternoil network. Alternoil pursues a holistic concept that includes the planning, construction, smooth operation and supply of filling stations for advanced fuels. Further information:

Biokraft International

Biokraft is a Nordic greentech company that produces bioenergy and plant nutrients in a closed loop by recycling organic waste and residual products in large-scale biorefineries. Biogas is CO2 neutral and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 100% when replacing fossil fuels. Biokraft plans, owns and operates large-scale biogas plants with a focus on the Northern European market. Today there are plants in Sweden, Norway and Korea. Biokraft employs just over 110 people and had total revenues of SEK 407 million in 2022. The company is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. The certified advisor is Erik Penser Bank AB.

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