LNG filling station construction

The way to clean heavy goods traffic

Alternative drive systems and fuels are more important than ever before. In the interest of a future worth living for future generations, we have a responsibility today to act sustainably and drastically reduce harmful emissions. The energy supply and the transport of goods are responsible for a large part of the environmentally harmful pollution.

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LNG deliveries

Flexible and customised LNG deliveries

We would like to support you in the conversion to alternative fuels and are therefore by your side throughout the entire value-added process. We offer flexible and customised LNG deliveries for your LNG filling stations, CHPs and industrial plants. Due to our intermodal logistics concept, we can guarantee security of supply and provide deliveries from 4 tons per week.

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LNG fueling training & certification

Service and safety

We attach great importance to comprehensive service and the safety of our customers is of great concern to us.  That is why we give you and your drivers the opportunity to receive the necessary training from us before the first fueling operation. As part of this training, we would like to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed for handling liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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LNG as energy for the industry

Plant design, construction and operation

Our compact small-scale LNG plant is the off-grid solution for local industrial plants, distribution companies and remote production sites. The alternative energy source reduces costs and saves harmful emissions such as CO2, NOX and particulate matter.

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LNG workshop & breakdown service (microfueling)

We make mobile filling and de-fueling possible

With our LNG Microfueller, our trained personnel can fuel and de-fuel LNG vehicles. The Microfueller is ideal for first-time fueling, emergency refueling or for emptying the tank before upcoming workshop visits. Thanks to the sophisticated system, the Microfueller is flexible in terms of its use and allows us to deliver the same quality on the road as we do at our tank facilities.

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