Spedition Steinbach concludes long-term LNG contract with Alternoil
Alternoil GmbH's customer portfolio continues to grow

The Bayreuth-based transportation company Steinbach is entering into a long-term strategic partnership with Alternoil GmbH. The supply contract for bio-LNG will come into force on January 1, 2024. This new partnership further strengthens us on our path of promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly heavy goods transport. The long-term REEFUEL framework agreement makes it possible to operate truck fleets with Alternoil GmbH's alternative fuel in a climate-neutral manner.

Steinbach Transport - Over 50 years of expertise in logistics

The transport company Steinbach has been active in the industry for over 50 years. With a clear focus on quality, efficiency and environmental sustainability, the German company enjoys a first-class reputation. The company operates a modern fleet of more than 150 heavy-duty vehicles and continuously invests in innovative technologies and processes to maximize environmental sustainability.

Strategic partnership for the transformation of heavy goods transport

The cooperation between Alternoil GmbH and Steinbach Transport marks a significant step towards a sustainable future for the transportation industry. By providing REEFUEL®, our environmentally friendly fuel alternative for heavy-duty transport, we are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize the negative environmental impact of the transport sector.

About Alternoil GmbH:

Alternoil GmbH is one of the leading providers of environmentally friendly fuel alternatives for heavy goods vehicles and operates a network of filling stations throughout Germany. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection is reflected in our products and services. In addition, we supply major customers with the diesel alternative REEFUEL®, which has the potential to defossilize the industry in the long term.

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