Wilhelm Bußmann concludes long-term agreement for LNG with Alternoil
Alternoil's customer base continues to grow

The Vreden-based company Wilhelm Bußmann is entering into a long-term strategic alliance with Alternoil. The agreement for the supply of Bio-LNG comes into effect immediately. This newly forged partnership supports our efforts to make heavy goods transport more sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Thanks to the agreement, Alternoil will provide Wilhelm Bußmann with the CO2-neutral fuel REEFUEL® for the coming future on a long-term basis. This gives us the opportunity to operate fleets of trucks in a climate-neutral way by relying on these alternative fuels from Alternoil.

Wilhelm Bußmann Transport - Over 25 years of experience in logistics

Wilhelm Bußmann has been active in the transport industry for more than 25 years. With a clear focus on quality, efficiency and environmental protection, the German company has built up a first-class reputation. Wilhelm Bußmann's vehicles have been running on gas for 10 years. The expertise in this area is therefore already there. Now the logical next step is to switch from fossil LNG to CO2-neutral bio-LNG from Alternoil.

Strategic alliance for the reorganization of heavy goods transport

The collaboration between Alternoil and Wilhelm Bußmann marks a significant milestone on the road to a sustainable future in transportation. By providing REEFUEL®, our environmentally friendly fuel for heavy-duty trucks, we are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize the negative environmental impact of the transport sector.

About Alternoil GmbH: 

Alternoil GmbH is one of the leading providers of environmentally friendly fuel alternatives for heavy-duty transportation and operates a network of filling stations throughout Germany. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection is reflected in our products and services. In addition, we supply major customers with the diesel alternative REEFUEL®, which has the potential to defossilize the industry in the long term.

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