Beverage logistics company relies on renewable fuel REEFUEL
TCT-Speditions GmbH receives depot filling station

TCT-Speditions GmbH, one of the leading beverage logistics companies in Germany, is now relying on the renewable and climate-friendly fuel REEFUEL (Bio-LNG & eLNG) from Alternoil. Through the partnership with Alternoil GmbH, TCT-Speditions GmbH will supply its fleet with REEFUEL LNG and thus make an important contribution to the decarbonization of heavy goods transport.

Alternoil, filling station operator and pioneer in the transformation process for clean heavy goods transport, provides the logistics industry with the climate-friendly fuel alternative in its nationwide filling station network. Alternoil's partner network currently comprises over 50 LNG filling stations. TCT-Speditions GmbH now also has its first own bio-LNG filling station in Altdorf near Nuremberg, which is also available to third-party customers during the freight forwarder's business hours.

Since the end of 2020, Alternoil has also been offering REEFUEL fuel (Bio-LNG & eLNG) at its filling stations in addition to LNG. The use of Bio-LNG and eLNG enables significant CO2 savings in the transport sector. REEFUEL is a unique fuel in Europe that is produced from green hydrogen generated by wind energy and biomethane from certified biological waste processes.

In 2024, REEFUELERY GmbH, a sister company of Alternoil, will commission a liquefaction plant for biomethane in Burghaun near Fulda. With a daily production of up to 180 tons of low-CO2 REEFUEL (Bio-LNG & eLNG) per day, it will be possible to supply heavy goods traffic. This enables the climate-neutral operation of around 4,500 LNG trucks.

TCT-Speditions GmbH recognizes the importance of sustainable heavy goods transport and wants to actively contribute to achieving climate protection goals. By using REEFUEL, the company's CO2 footprint will be significantly reduced.

"We are pleased to be one of the first beverage logistics companies in Germany to rely on REEFUEL and thus make our contribution to the decarbonization of heavy goods transport," says Dieter Holfelder, Managing Director of TCT-Speditions GmbH. "The partnership with Alternoil enables us to supply our fleet with a reliable and environmentally friendly fuel."

TCT-Speditions GmbH is part of the Holfelder group of companies, which also includes the IVECO Heavy Dealer for northern Bavaria, Hiltl Fahrzeugbau GmbH in Altdorf. The family business, which has been in existence since 1946, is largely responsible for the sale of environmentally friendly LNG trucks in the northern Bavarian region. The long-standing workshop of the family business rounds off the location of the filling station for the sustainable conversion to REEFUEL LNG and offers the customers of Hiltl Fahrzeugbau GmbH an all-round service.

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