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Electromobility is regarded worldwide as the innovation of climate-friendly mobility and offers a wide range of benefits for people and the environment. Alternoil is playing a major role in the development and research, as well as the expansion of an electric charging infrastructure. Both mobility and the filling station infrastructure are facing a future-orientated upheaval.

What is electromobility?

Electromobility refers to the use of electronically powered vehicles such as electric cars or trucks. The energy required for this purpose is obtained as far as possible from the power grid. With the electromobility of the future, engines will be operated without fossil fuels, allowing air pollution to be significantly reduced. Electricity is available in an almost unlimited supply due to the wide range of production methods, with sustainably produced green electricity in particular avoiding harmful emissions by 100%. The electrical energy (electricity) is stored in energy storage devices, such as rechargeable batteries.


What advantages does electromobility offer?

Electric vehicles are beneficial to the environment and climate in many ways. If vehicles are powered by green electricity, they are 100% emission-free, which is particularly beneficial for large cities with high levels of exhaust gas emissions. At the same time, they are almost maintenance-free, as they have no wearing parts and consume no fluids. Furthermore, fuel costs are lower because the price of electricity is comparatively cheap. Electric vehicles are very quiet, only the wind and rolling noises are noticeable, which means that inner-city deliveries can be made at any time without any problems. This proves to be particularly advantageous for night deliveries and driving in noise-protection zones.

Emissions-free - no local emission of CO2.

Lower fuel costs - due to favourable electricity prices.

Lower operating and maintenance costs - due to less wear and tear.

Quiet driving - advantageous for city and night driving and noise-protection zones.

Compliance with climate protection goals - by improving air quality.


Who is electromobility suitable for?

Electric vehicles are ideal for use in city traffic. Due to the comparatively short range of an electric vehicle compared to a LNG vehicle, this alternative is not yet suitable for every application. Electric vehicles are predestined for city traffic in particular, as their range of around 100-150 kilometres is ideally suited for short distances. Especially for deliveries in city centres, with many stops, electromobility is a good alternative. Electromobility is also suitable for buses used in local transport, construction machinery and waste management vehicles.

Electromobility can be used:

  • for delivery services
  • for public passenger transport
  • for commercial vehicles
  • for cars


What is the availability of charging points?

The network of available charging stations for cars is growing steadily. According to the Federal Network Agency, there are currently around 13,000 publicly accessible charging stations available in Germany (as of February 2020). However, these charging stations are mainly intended for cars - charging stations for HGVs are scarce, and the charging infrastructure for the transport sector is currently still lacking. In addition to the lack of charging stations, there is still a need for development if they are to be used efficiently in the transport sector. In order to achieve higher vehicle ranges, battery technology must be optimised further. At present, the battery production is still very energy-intensive and recycling is also difficult. The batteries are also still too heavy for long ranges, which inevitably reduces the payload. Vehicle manufacturers are conducting meticulous research into the new technology so that electric mobility will become even more practicable and environmentally friendly in the future.

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