REEFUEL - renewable energy for vehicles

The advanced and climate-friendly fuels

We make environmentally friendly and renewable fuels available nationwide for heavy goods vehicles. Deep-freeze natural gas can already be filled at our petrol stations for renewable fuels. This year, we will also be providing Bio-LNG fuel from biological waste processes, which is certified according to the European standard ISCC.


The immediately available and economical alternative for heavy goods transport

Liquefied Natural Gas is a cryogenic and liquefied natural gas. Compared to conventional diesel, LNG causes significantly fewer CO2 and nitrogen oxides and low particle emissions. At Alternoil, we are actively involved in the expansion of a LNG filling station network to ensure a sustainable future and to achieve climate protection goals.

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The renewable and climate-friendly alternative for heavy goods transport

Liquefied Biogas is the even more sustainable variant of natural liquefied natural gas and the climate-friendly alternative to conventional fuels. With its high energy density, LBG can be used in a variety of applications and thus contribute to achieving climate protection goals. Heavy goods vehicles in particular benefit from this clean fuel and its long range, since more and more customers want clean transport. And for the shipping industry too, this low-emissions fuel is a real enrichment, because from 2020, significantly lower limits will apply in both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in relation to sulphur dioxide emissions. We are striving to expand a nationwide LBG network in order to contribute to climate protection goals in the short term.

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The key technology of the future

Hydrogen is a key technology for the mobility of the future. Hydrogen (H2) is almost infinitely available and free from local harmful emissions. We have recognised its great potential and are therefore investing in research and development of this future-oriented fuel.

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The innovative and climate-friendly alternative

Electromobility refers to the use of electronically powered vehicles such as electric cars or trucks. The energy required for this purpose is obtained as far as possible from the power grid. With the electromobility of the future, engines will be operated without fossil fuels, allowing air pollution to be significantly reduced. Electricity is available in an almost unlimited supply due to the wide range of production methods, with sustainably produced green electricity in particular avoiding harmful emissions by 100%. The electrical energy (electricity) is stored in energy storage devices, such as rechargeable batteries.

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